The ExoZU Internal Structure

ExoZU: an assistive wearable exoskeleton to help wheelchair users to walk again

Zagazig University

Mohamed Sherif Tohamy Khalil Ahmed,  Farid Essam Farid Nicola, Ibrahim Salah Salem Hassan, Mohamed Reda Mostafa Ibrahim, Ahmed Khaled Mohamed Abdo Abdelhady, Ziad Mohamed Nabil Ibrahim, Khalid Nasser Sobhy Abd-elkader

Wheelchair users lost their ability to walk, face issues in mobility like climbing stairs or roads without ramps, in addition they suffer from secondary health conditions due to wheelchair and not walking like gain weight and muscular atrophy. We offer the possibility of walking again instead of using the wheelchair by using a wearable assistive device. Using of the device in rehabilitation increase the healing opportunity in a short time period. The product itself offers the possibility of walking by controlling the speed and length of steps, The product limit the inactivity due to wheelchair by increasing the activity of the human body through walking to improve human health.

RESNA Design Brief


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