READ ABLE: An assistive reading device for individuals with limited hand dexterity

University of Pittsburgh

Jenna Freedman, Aaron Anderson, Satria Ardianuari, Adam Duca

Reading is one of the essential needs in daily life for leisure and learning. However, it can be a laborious and time consuming task for people who have physical limitations to holding a book open and turning the pages.

Our goal was to design an assistive device that feasibly addresses these need. The device, also called READ ABLE, will prop up, hold open novels and aid in turning pages to improve the independence of individuals with limited hand dexterity while reading.

The final design of READ ABLE incorporates the printer-inspired wheel mechanism and a table top holder. Together, these two concepts allow our clients to more easily separate and turn pages while their novel is stabilized in a holder.

READ ABLE aids in holding novels open while turning and fastening pages. It gives people with limited hand dexterity the ability to navigate through pages of a book while keeping a page material in clear view for any reading angle. This added independence will reduce the impact that a physical disability may have on reading and learning. The reliable and flexible design of our reading device allows for a quick set up and space to increase multitasking capabilities for everyone that uses it. We believe that READ ABLE is more than a book holder, instead it may be one method to help people with reduced hand function achieve their intellectual potential.

RESNA Design Brief



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