photo of Touch Mug

Touch Mug

New York University

Qiushi Lin

Problem for those who are blind or other  people who are visually impaired: It isn’t easy to see how much water is contained or what temperature water is in the cup. It is hard for blind to check the volume of water or the temperature of the water, when pouring water into a cup. For that reason, in many cases, water overflows, and they have no choice but to weigh the volume of water up by putting a finger into a cup, or listening to water to be filled. However, if the water is boiling, it may burn the blind’s finger or tongue.

Design solution: A mug for those who are visually impaired. Different wall thickness create different heat conduction. This mug will provide assistance for those who are blind so that they can pour water effectively and feel the temperature of the water by touching thin heat zone. Touch mug produces a safe and considerate experience for users while tea time.

RESNA Design Brief – 172 .pdf

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