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Calli-glove: Pen holder for people who have spinal cord injury (Seoul National University)

  Byungchul Kim, Hayejin Kwon, Mira Shin Abstract After people have spinal cord injury, they cannot control their body easily. Assistive devices are one of the alternatives for clients to do activities of daily living (ADL). However, many users have various complaints about assistive devices to use in ADL because of appearance, weight, portability, and usability. [1] […]

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Walter – A Wheelchair with an Alternating Center of Gravity Designed for Developing Countries (Chalmers University of Technology)

This project was initiated to develop an adult active manual wheelchair compatible with the social, physical and economic conditions that currently characterize the situation in the growing semi-urban environments in developing countries. The new wheelchair design should promote an increase of independency and ultimately social integration of wheelchair riders in this context.

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Snapcut to Assist People Who Have Lost the Function of One of their Hands (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Olivia Davis ABSTRACT Sometimes we take advantage of the ease and accessibility that comes with having two arms and two hands. We tend to design with the assumption that our users have complete function as well, but what would our projects look like if we were to take a step to the side and form […]

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