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Skin-Stretch Proprioceptive Feedback for a Prosthetic Hand (Rice University)

Mike Schubert, Holly Liang, Caitlin Makatura, Bryan Solomon, Julie Walker Abstract Although recent improvements in prosthetic technology allow a user to control an upper limb prosthesis with some dexterity, a method for receiving proprioceptive feedback (the feeling of body position) has not yet been implemented in commercial hardware. The user must rely on visual feedback […]

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The RightFit Prosthetics Initiative: Affordable Prosthetic Devices for the Developing World (Johns Hopkins University)

Our design addresses three obstacles to prosthetic care in the developing world: cost, time, and location. Compared to current solutions, RightFit is less expensive and faster to fabricate, and it does not need specialized equipment. Our device is adaptable and efficient, with a wide potential sphere of influence in the developing world and beyond.

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Early Mobility Walker (Clemson)

Sarah Roberts, Robert Fields, Casey Shumberger, Alexis Bertram ABSTRACT Mobilizing intensive care unit patients has been shown to improve their health outcomes by shortening their healing time and length of hospital stay. However, getting these critically ill patients up and moving can be a challenge. Through our work with ICU staff from the Medical University […]

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Skipper's Chair (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Jeffery Flowerday, Richard Dzionara-Norsen, Jonathan Nguyen, Kassandra Schlott ABSTRACT            To those who are able bodied, sailing is often seen as a sport that people with disabilities cannot participate in.  However, all over the world people are sailing not only for fun, but also for competition.  This task continues to be difficult, especially with people who […]

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