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CO3 Cushion: COst-effective COnfigurable COntoured Cushion (Asia University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Chih-Han Chan, Liang-Chiu Hsieh, and Tim D. Yang ABSTRACT Pressure ulcer development is a common complication in people with spinal cord injury (SCI). Although not the sole cause, prolonged seating pressure is known to be a contributing factor to ulceration. Seating technologies use principles of immersion (how far the buttocks sink below the interface) and […]

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Device to Detect Foot Strike Pattern and Provide Instantaneous Feedback (The Ohio State University)

Michelle Cullen, Matthew Keller, Eli Brantingham, John Bartholomew, Sarah Levine, Michael Guthrie Abstract Although running is associated with positive health benefits, many runners experience running-induced injuries.  Research demonstrates that a rear-foot strike pattern is a common factor amongst these injuries and may increase one’s likelihood of sustaining another in the future. Current technology to assess foot strike pattern and running […]

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ION, the vision-cognition exercise mobile application (Clemson University)

Jessica Lau, Scott Cole, Elizabeth Harruff, James McManus ABSTRACT Millions of Americans suffer from low vision, which inhibits their abilities to complete everyday activities. In vision therapy, patients complete exercises to improve vision-cognition skills. Patient progress in the clinic must be supplemented by at-home vision exercises, but compliance with conventional assigned homework is low because […]

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Modular Sensory Board for the Children of WISH Charter Elementary School (Loyola Marymount University)

Keenan Sullivan, Steven Burke, Jennifer Ching  Abstract The modular sensory board is a device used to reward young students in elementary school for effectively completing their work in a timely and responsible manner. Some children have difficulty developing their senses during early childhood. Because of this, we have determined that this board be specifically geared […]

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