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Friendly Shoes (St. Catherine University)

Caroline Portoghese ABSTRACT Putting shoes on the correct feet can be a challenge for many children. This challenge can be increased for children with cognitive or visual-perceptual disabilities. If shoes are not put on the right feet, it can cause foot pain and injury, and can increase dependence on caregivers. The friendly face image on […]

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The Buzzer Beater (Duke University)

Halsey Friedel, Jordan Cirocco, Sharmila Yadav Palani, and Arlens Zeqollari.  Abstract Our client is a young boy with a mitochondrial disease that limits his motor control and dexterity, preventing him from independently performing essential tasks such as lifting, reaching, and holding. The goal of this project is to design a device that encourages the client […]

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ExoArm (George Mason University)

Scott Oshiro, Rahul Chopra, Luis Asencios Reynoso Abstract The purpose of this project was to develop an active arm brace, which is controlled by the user’s surface electromyography (EMG) signals. This can be used for physical therapy and to assist the user with routine activities. In order to process the EMG signals and eliminate noise, a bandpass […]

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