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A Handcycle Car Rack for Independent Use by People with Disabilities (British Columbia Institute of Technology)

This rack design is extremely versatile, allowing a wheelchair user to independently mount and dismount a heavy handcycle without having to lift the full weight of the handcycle. Furthermore, when mounted on the vehicle, a user is still able to access the vehicle’s rear hatch without dismounting the handcycle.

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Add or Subtract? A visual aid for workers struggling with math concepts in a supportive workplace (Ithaca College)

Employees in a supportive work environment were struggling to understand addition and subtraction math concepts necessary for weighing products, an essential job ask. After several prototypes, a visual aid was created to help the employees problem solve through the weighing task, ultimately facilitating independence and allowing for decreased supervision

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One Arm Drive Wheelchair Attachment (Caltech)

Catherine Pavlov, Tatiana Roy, Harry Golash and Teo Wilkening  ABSTRACT This project entailed the design of a mechanical wheelchair attachment for use by people with hemiplegia. The device adds on to a preexisting chair, modifying it to be operable with one arm. The device is adjustable and detachable, and allows for navigation in tight places […]

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