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Photo of the eletrodes, which are white plastic material formed into the shape of a cap to be placed on a patient's head, used during the EEG

Smart Keyboard For The Disabled

APJ Abdul Kalam University

George M Thottan, Anirudh SP, Jebbin Joseph, Ijas AH, Ganesh Nair, and George AN This product consists of two hardware components the headset and the keyboard. The keyboard is made from an acrylic sheet on which the keys are engraved. This keyboard is touch interfaced with the help of lasers. This allows those users who are […]

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Ultrasound GUI: A Graphical User Interface for Scoliosis Monitoring

Rutgers University

Visualized is the opening screen of the MATALB GUI. On the right is the patient information screen. The software is able to track previous patients and new patients, creating individual profiles for each patient. The two screens on the left display the initial US image and an overlaid bone surface segmentaion for easy comparison.

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