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SmartHub: A personal fitness tracking device for manual wheelchair users (The Ohio State University)

The main contributing factors to upper-extremity overuse injuries are the user’s stroke force and frequency. Currently, the SmartWheel is the only existing tool that tracks these metrics; however, it is expensive, fragile, and designed exclusively for use in a clinical setting

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A Handcycle Car Rack for Independent Use by People with Disabilities (British Columbia Institute of Technology)

This rack design is extremely versatile, allowing a wheelchair user to independently mount and dismount a heavy handcycle without having to lift the full weight of the handcycle. Furthermore, when mounted on the vehicle, a user is still able to access the vehicle’s rear hatch without dismounting the handcycle.

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The RightFit Prosthetics Initiative: Affordable Prosthetic Devices for the Developing World (Johns Hopkins University)

Our design addresses three obstacles to prosthetic care in the developing world: cost, time, and location. Compared to current solutions, RightFit is less expensive and faster to fabricate, and it does not need specialized equipment. Our device is adaptable and efficient, with a wide potential sphere of influence in the developing world and beyond.

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