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A Shoe-Sock Interface to be used in a Post-Stroke Gait Training Application (University of Alabama at Birmingham)

Rebecca White, Benjami Copeland, Kathleen Neighbors, Spencer Herndon With the aging population and poor dietary and exercise habits within the United States, people experience stroke at a more prevalent rate. A segment of stroke survivors experience hemiparesis, which is weakness or loss of motor control on one side of the body. This creates a paretic, […]

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The full CARP system including the Control Unit, the Armband and the Oar Box

Stroke Timing Assistance for Rowers who have a Visual Impairment (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)

Jojo Pfile, Rachel Hunt, Dylan Gramza, Roxie Stein Abstract Adaptive Rowing is a sport used to support athletes with physical and visual disabilities and activity for rehabilitation. This research project explores the challenges associated with rowers who are visually impaired and proposes a solution to overcome these challenges. Through interviews and observations of adaptive rowers and […]

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Gyrocafe Tray (New York University)

Nieun Sim, Ah-Hyun Kim, Tzu-Yao Wang, Cassian Whitehurst  Abstract People with physical disabilities, as well as  older adults have difficulty with moving from place to place often use walkers to assist them. However, when they use their walkers, the walkers create difficulty when it is time to transfer food to a table. Our project’s goal is […]

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Anti-Rollback & Brake Assist Device for Wheelchair (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Jessica Jeffrey, Jacob McCarthy, Warren Roser, John Sweet Abstract The objective of this project was to improve upon an existing device developed by a Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Multidisciplinary Senior Design Team. The redesigned system is an accessory adaptable to manual wheelchairs that offers users the ability to stop on a hill via hand […]

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