Captioning a video for your SDC paper

Summary: To add a video to your SDC paper, first upload your video to YouTube and add captions, then provide the link in your submission. Detailed instructions are provided below – adding a video is optional, however all videos must be captioned. You must submit a signed release form for all videos that include a client.

4.1. Upload your video to YouTube

We recommend uploading your video to YouTube. Instructions for uploading videos to YouTube can be found here. You will need a YouTube account if you do not already have one.

4.2. Add captions

After you have uploaded your video, you must add closed captions.

4.2a) Type a transcript of your text and save it as a txt file.

4.2b) Click on your YouTube sign-in name and select My Videos (figure 1)

Figure 1 click on name

Figure 1: Click on name

4.2c) Select Captions (Figure 2)

Captions with arrow

Figure 2: Click on Captions

2d) Click on Add New Captions or Transcripts (figure 3)


picture for click on add caption



4.2e) Upload transcript (figure 4)

4.2e1) Browse to find your text file

4.2e2) Click on Type>Transcript file (English only)

4.2e3) Enter a name for your transcript file (optional)

4.2e4) Click on Upload File

picture for upload transcript

Figure 4) Upload Transcript

4.3) View your video

Check your video by clicking on View on Video Page (figure 5)


Picture of view on video page



4.4) Video release form

If you plan to use a video that depicts a client, you must provide a copy of a signed video release form as part of your RESNA SDC submission.

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