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Workpiece support for Buffing, Grinding, and Sanding Operations (University of Pittsburgh)

Andrea Sundaram, Karl Kemmerer, Vince Schiappa, Tim Sanchez ABSTRACT Hands-on work – such as prototype fabrication in engineering, or labs in the natural sciences – is a critical part of learning in the STEM disciplines, but the lack of adaptive devices can limit the accessibility of this aspect of education for students with disabilities. In […]

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Skin-Stretch Proprioceptive Feedback for a Prosthetic Hand (Rice University)

Mike Schubert, Holly Liang, Caitlin Makatura, Bryan Solomon, Julie Walker Abstract Although recent improvements in prosthetic technology allow a user to control an upper limb prosthesis with some dexterity, a method for receiving proprioceptive feedback (the feeling of body position) has not yet been implemented in commercial hardware. The user must rely on visual feedback […]

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