Return to Work

Return to Work

On Sunday, June 14, 2020, President Barron announced the Back to State plan to resume campus-based residential instruction, work, and other activities this fall in a limited fashion. To learn more about the University plan, take a moment to watch President Barron’s video, read more about the Back to State fall plans on Penn State news, and continue to track all the Back to State updates on

As a University, we must commit to taking steps forward while supporting the health and safety of our Penn State community. We will continue to follow guidance provided by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Center of Disease Control (CDC), Pennsylvania’s Department of Health, and other appropriate agencies. It is important to note that as employees return to on-site work, we will not be returning to the “normal” we once knew. There are many precautions outlined throughout this website to help transition everyone into our new normal as we begin to return over the coming months.

Penn State will continue to monitor the pandemic and will be updating this website should there be any changes that will impact employees and their return to on-site work. We need to understand that as we return, there will be differences that will require employees’ to take personal responsibility. Each of us has a role, and we will need to work with one another to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 in our community.

This site provides a roadmap of resources to help employees transition back to on-site work. Please take time to thoroughly read this information as it is pertinent to the health and welfare of our employees and the Penn State community.

**Supervisors who want to request that an individual or unit return to the workplace before that time MUST REVIEW the below information and FOLLOW the guidance provided. The following resources must be reviewed prior to considering returning employees to the workplace. No member of the University community may return to the workplace until they have received the appropriate approval(s) and have acknowledged their personal responsibility to comply with this plan. Failure to receive approval or comply with applicable guidelines will result in immediate on-site work stoppage.

Preparing to Return
Preparing to Return
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Social Distancing
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