Return to Work Authorization

return to work

As part of the approval process for employees to return to work, managers must complete a Return to Work Authorization Form in order to begin the process to return employees to the workplace. This form must be approved by Unit Leadership and University Leadership identified on the form. Below are instructions for completing the process and receiving approval by University leadership prior to employees returning to work. Additional supporting documents are included below to review in preparation of the return of employees on-site.

  • Complete the Return to Work Authorization Form to identify anticipated facilities and staffing levels required for returning to work.
    • Note: Once the link to the Return to Work Authorization Form has been clicked, it will automatically download to your computer. Please fill out the form and save to your computer prior to submission.
    • If returning to research, please review the Return to Research guidance.
  • Contact your Facility Coordinator to complete the online Space Re-Occupancy form once approved by the Unit Executive (e.g., Dean, Vice President, Chancellor) as outlined in the Return to Workplace authorization process. After Unit Executive approval, the Facility Coordinator will then submit the list of buildings and rooms via the space re-occupancy form.