Obama Election in Europe

In today’s New York Times, Steven Erlanger reports on the European response to the election of Barack Obama. He writes, of the Italian response,

In Italy, Jean-L´┐Żonard Touadi, the only black member of the Italian Parliament, sees the Obama victory similarly. It is “a great and concrete provocation to European society and European politics,” said Mr. Touadi, born in the Congo Republic. Mr. Obama gives hope, he said, that “one day” there can be a similar outcome in Europe.

But not soon. Hossain Moazzem, a Bangladeshi waiter at L’Insalata Ricca restaurant, said he hoped Mr. Obama’s victory would foster “change all over the world.” But Italy, he said, had a “long, long” way to go.

Steven Erlanger, “After U.S. Breakthrough, Europe Looks in Mirror,” New York Times, 12 November 2008.

thanks to Rick Ruth for finding this today.