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Penn State study abroad rankings

From today’s Penn State Newswire

Penn State ranks 12th among study abroad programs

Penn State's University Park campus was ranked 12th among U.S. doctorate-granting universities with the most students studying abroad in 2006-07, according to the 2008 Open Doors report published annually by the Institute of International Education. According to the report released Monday (Nov. 17), 1,830 Penn State students attending University Park were studying abroad. However, for the first time, the report listed separate figures for Penn State students at other locations, therefore the total for the entire University stands at 2,183 students studying abroad, slightly ahead of the 2,168 total in last year's report.

Read the full story on Live: http://live.psu.edu/story/36050/nw4

Study Abroad — for Professors

There is an interesting article in today’s Chronicle of Higher Education on programs that some colleges are experimenting with to provide international experiences for their professors. I agree that study abroad is useful not only for students but also for professors, and it is great to see that some colleges are taking the lead to make this possible.

In our own program in Rome, we have been working hard to help  other professors and graduate students (our future professors) to experience Rome with our students.

"Professors Get Their Own Study-Abroad
Programs" is available online at this address:


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