Ming is taking a senior level class that is being run as a seminar and class participation is 30% of the grade. Although there are only 15 students in the class, she is finding it difficult to participate in the discussion. There are a few students who talk a lot and who frequently interrupt the flow of the discussion to get their point into the dialogue. Ming comes to class well prepared and often has a set of questions and issues she would like to have addressed in the conversation, but she leaves class most days frustrated because she spent most of the class session listening to others talk and didn’t have the issues that mattered to her sufficiently addressed.

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2 Responses to Case Study 7

  1. Erin says:

    It may be in Ming’s best interesest to talk to her professor. Maybe they could work something out about making the class more organized with participation!

  2. Anonymous says:

    While it would be idea to raise the issue at the next class, this is unrealistic and a high burden to put on the student. Talking to the professor should work.

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