Andrei is a premed major and a senior. Although he has an academic scholarship that covers his out-of-state tuition, he also has to work twenty hours a week to cover other expenses. He’s taking a full load of classes and is finding them to be much more difficult this semester than in the past. On top of everything, he has to start applying to medical schools. Although he works hard, he is at risk of getting a D in one of his required 400-level chemistry classes. If he doesn’t get at least a C in the chemistry class, it won’t count toward graduation and he would have to make it up in the summer. He doesn’t have enough money to retake the class and is worried that a bad grade would ruin his chances of going to medical school. He’s been working on a lab problem for the class that he just can’t get to work properly. He’s run the experiment two times, but keeps getting strange results. He thinks that either he’s misunderstood how to do the experiment or he has a contamination problem with his lab materials. He has spent so much time on this lab experiment that his other class work is suffering. His best friend is in the class and is worried about him. His friend has offered to share his lab results with him so Andrei can finish the lab report and get caught up in his other classes.

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2 Responses to Case Study 8

  1. Erin says:

    If Andrei doesn’t understand the material now, cheating will never help him understand the content either. I think it would be best for him to try to keep up with the class, and if it doesn’t work out for him to just try to retake the class.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Failing the class after getting caught cheating won’t help either. Find the time.

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