Beginning October 1, 2009,  Penn State will host an exciting group of leading experts on the topic of moral literacy and moral leadership.  Bringing together faculty and teachers from across the US, Canada, and Australia, the 14th Annual Leadership and Values Conference, Exploring the Meta-Values of Authentic Leadership: Moral Literacy in Action will bridge theory and practice to examine the role of ethics in education.

From an ethic of community (Furman) to the best interests of students (Shapiro and Stefkovich) to authentic leadership (Begley), participants will examine how best to bring ethics to bear on education.

Although there is a registration fee for the conference, come of the presentations are free and open to the public.  Educators and pre-service teachers are welcome to join the pre-conference workshops.

October 1

9:00-noon  Growing a School for Sustainable Leadership: The St. Kieran’s Catholic Primary School Experience
Terri Paterson & Virginia Outred, Manley, NSW, Australia
Charles Burford
, Australian Catholic University

1:00-4:00  Promoting Moral Literacy Teaching Competency
Pauline Leonard, Deborah Hollimon, Dawn Basinger, Rebecca Smith, Louisiana Tech University

Friday, October 2

1:00-2:00  Moral Decency: An Aspiration for Educational Leadership
Victor Worsfold, University of Texas at Dallas

Values and Leadership Conference





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