Why is practically important for policy-making to see climate change as an ethical problem?

ClimateEthics begins with this entry using YouTube technology to explain the ethical dimensions of cliamte change. The following is our first attempt to do this. This video explains why it is practically important to understand climate change policy issues as ethical questions. We hope to improve our ability to do this in the future. This entry is 16 minutes long. It argues that it is practically important to turn up the volume on the ethical dimensions of climate change.

Donald A. Brown
Associate Professor, Environmental Ethics, Science, and Law
Penn State University

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3 Responses to The Practical Importance of Seeing Climate Change as an Ethical Problem.

  1. Chris Winter says:

    There are a lot of good articles at your blog. But, in my opinion, it would be easier to navigate if there were a separate page with a list of linked titles and dates of publication.

    Also, in both Firefox 10 and IE 8, the video embedded in this post is overlain by the text.

  2. I have the feeling that the climate becomes and worser and worser. I’m happy that we have not yet such hurricanes in Europe as what you have in theUS. Hopefully people will find good solutions to get a better climate.

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