The Penn State Rock Ethics Institute is launching a new campaign to raise awareness concerning the ethical challenges we face in our personal lives, our professional lives, and as citizens. Our goal is to provide members of the Penn State community with resources for both understanding and addressing these challenges. 

During the first stage of our ‘Stand Up, Speak Up’ campaign, we worked with others around the university to compile a set of online resources on sexual violence and to identify areas where more resources are needed. These resources are now available on our website at: We hope that everyone at Penn State will make use of them, let others know that they are available, and point us to any additional resources you think should be included.

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The second stage of the campaign is an effort to spread the word about these resources and about initiatives to address sexual violence and promote ethical leadership. You may have already seen the first poster in the campaign on the CATA bus. Within the next few weeks, you can expect to see it also in prominent places around the University Park campus and at the other campuses around the Commonwealth. 
We focused the first poster on the expression of support last fall for those who have been victims of child sexual abuse. That expression was reflected in the candlelight vigil in front of Old Main that Penn State students organized after the release of the Grand Jury presentment in the Jerry Sandusky case. As we work to move forward, let’s not forget the example set by these students. Let’s take a stand against all forms of sexual violence, speak up about its prevalence, do what we can to stop instances of sexual violence from occurring, and support those who have been victims. 
The Rock Ethics Institute will be sharing stories of people or groups who demonstrate ethical leadership in these ways. If you know of a story that you think the community should hear, please contact us at, with the subject line “Stop Sexual Violence”.
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