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The Rock Research Ethics Lectures Series brings discussion of key ethical issues in research to the campus community. These events bring up ideas that are relevant to everyone.

Are you a Penn State student? If so, these events are chances to explore issues that you’ll encounter both in your personal and professional lives.  Besides gaining a broader perspective on important issues, you’ll also be able to engage a wide cross-section of the campus community in thinking more critically about the role values play in your own life.  And if you don’t think values play a role… think again!
As graduate students, you might think you don’t have time to worry about ethics – or even reason to worry.  But ethical issues are embedded in and through scientific work, so excluding portions of them from your daily intellectual diet can be bad for your professional health.  Look no further than recent local news for examples, if you don’t believe us!  These lectures are easily consumed as important supplements for your professional lives.
Faculty are particularly stressed for time and for the space to think outside of their specializations.  But many of you have interest in the ethical dimensions of your work.  The research ethics lectures do two things to help. First, they give you access to cutting edge perspectives from experts on specific topics.  Second, they demonstrate pedagogical or conceptual approaches that you can use in your classrooms, labs, and working groups.
The relevance of these topics extends beyond the academic community.  Community members too will find that the discussions about ethics that we host resonate at home, at work, and in politics.  Coming to better understand how other people think about ethics and values can play a vital role in decision-making in our communities.
So join us for these engaging events as one way of putting ethics to work in your own experiences!
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