My high school.


Since many of you may have no idea about what a Chinese high school is like, I decide to write about my high school in this passion blog. Obviously I am not a high school student any more, and I am studying in a university not even in my hometown country, so when I go back to my high school again this summer, I will be like traveling to my high school.

IMG_2862IMG_2873 I had studied in Harbin No.3 High School for three years. It seemed like my second home. A study day for Chinese students lasts more than eight hours, which means students stay at school for more than eight hours every day. So you know why I called my high school the second home. Haha, I was just kidding, but I really love my high school. Harbin No.3 High School is the oldest and the best high school in Harbin. Students in the middle school need to study really hard and pass the entrance examination to high school. And only those four hundreds students who got the top scores can get the chances to enter my high school. You can see this is a really different education system from America.

Instead of having different classes in different classrooms, we students have all our classes in one classroom, with teachers changing from one classroom to another. Each class has its own monitor teacher, and she or he could be the teacher of one of the main subjects. My high school monitor teacher is an English teacher and it is she that encouraged me to study abroad. And she is also one of the reasons why I am here in this classroom now.


My high school’s architectural style is not like that of a typical high school. Instead of being decorated as a boring and stereotyped high school, our school will surprised you by its use of bold colors and use of historic elements in its architectural construction. In china, there are few high schools with long history of one hundred years, but my school does. You can easily tell this from its buildings, the styles of the architecture. If you are not professional, you can even tell this from the colors of my school, mostly composed with yellow and red and green. Red is a symbolic color in China. Since the buildings were constructed one hundred years ago, it embodies some featured Chinese architectures such as the flying buttress and arches. The columns in front of the school gate are painted as red to show school’s ethos. Besides, our school’s main building is also listed as the protected historic building in the last several years, from which you can tell the ages of my school.

During the last year I was studying there, It was renovated and re-painted. So the buildings now are more vivid and colorful. I am looking forward to my return back to China, to visit this old but “new” school, my second home.IMG_2984

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  1. Those pictures are awesome, once again! I think that you chose a great topic for this weeks blog. Comparing and contrasting the differences of your high school to typical Americanized ones definitely kept my eyes running through the page, and I learned a lot too! The architecture and design of your high school is very beautiful and unique. The colors are vibrant and splashed off the screen.

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