Student Affairs Digital Signage

For Content Creators

How to create content slides

All content must be created/sized at 16:9 ratio for optimum display
16″ x 9″ (1920 pixels x 1080 pixels @ 72 dpi)

Download a PowerPoint template for content

Student Affairs Buildings with screens and screen managers

Bank of America Career Services Building
Jenna Kyger-Lewis,

Student Health Center (UHS)
Camille Selden,

HUB-Robeson Center
Susan Lechtanski,

IM Building
Jen Lee,

Student Health Center (CAPS)
Brett Scofield,

Pasquerilla Spiritual Center
Rachel Galloway,


For Digital Screen Managers

How to access the system

Student Affairs uses the FourWinds Interactive signage system. All signs use a flat screen HDTV with a content player (compact PC) connected and mounted behind the screen. The signs are managed via the Content Manager Desktop, which is software installed on the user’s computer. Currently, the Content Manager can only be installed and used on a Windows computer. Contact Student Affairs IT to request installation of the Content Manager Desktop.

If you need a new digital sign (screen/content player) installed or need a new sign configured on an existing screen, please contact Student Affairs IT.

How to set up your digital screen

Within the Content Manager Desktop, use the following template for all Student Affairs digital signage (horizontal):

Templates / SA Standard 16:9

  • Includes a single 16:9 content source region
  • Includes an optional text scroll/feed source region at the bottom – Recommend only for signs that are used in a waiting area

Recommended news feed (for use only in waiting areas)
Content / Feeds / University Park Newswire

Recommended weather media:
Content / Feeds / CampusWeatherServiceDopplarRadar
note: weather media is sized 16:9 for placement in main content source region

Step-by-step instructions for updating your signage to the new SA Standard 16:9 template (PDF)

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