RCL #2

Addario’s recount of her Nina’s missed chance at love is sad yet inspiring. Addario explained that she had recently broken up with her boyfriend, and she was question life and love. Because I truly relate to the feelings Addario was having, I feel that this story was the same for her, sad yet inspiring.

The story is sad for Nina, yet inspiring for young Addario. The story conveys the message that despite the circumstances, you do not give up on passion. This message is important to¬†It’s What I Do because the novel is solely about the photographers life of following her passion in her career as well as her love life. The story helps to explain to readers why Addario was so committed to following her passion.

My passion for my blog has been difficult to pinpoint. It was not until yesterday that it became clear what I should be writing about. My story that thematizes my passion is the story of how I chose my topic.

I was debating two other worthwhile topics when I received an email from my high school English teacher. The subject line read, “DACA” and all the email said was, “I hate Trump.”

The previous school year, I wrote the best research paper of my academic career on the reasons why DACA and the DREAM Act are worthwhile programs. It was something I became very passionate about. A quick google search led me to the discovery that I was hoping I wouldn’t find. Donald Trump had once again disappointed me with his decision to end the DACA.

Immediately I was distraught. Thinking back to the class discussion on Tuesday, I had an epiphany– this was my kairos. In a time where the DACA is at risk of being eliminated, it is my opportunity to show people the true value of not only the DACA, but the superior program, the DREAM Act.

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  1. So I really think the specificity of your passion blog is going to be great! Politics is such a broad subject to tackle especially today with our good ole president Trump. So often we can get lost when we are frustrated with something like the ending of DACA and the Dream Act. It personally gets me heated. The trigger of your old teacher’s email is a good starting point.

    Hopefully throughout your passion blog we will learn a little more about why you feel so passionately about DACA and the Dream Act and how you hope to use your support. Great intro to the topic!

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