RCL #4

There were many amazing photographs inĀ It’s What I Do, but my two favorites were found on page 191 and page 214.

The photo on page 191 is a striking photo of a woman crying. The caption reveals that it is actually a twenty-eight-year-old woman named Bibiane from South Kivu. The photo was particularly striking because of the powerful emotions it displays. The woman is crying, which obviously depicts sadness, but the photo also showed Bibiane asĀ frustrated, and possibly hopeless. The photo evoked feelings of empathy and sadness in myself.

The photo on page 214 is another dramatic photo. The photo shows a soldier with a look of distress standing next to another soldier. The photo is blurry which depicts movement and the caption reveals that the soldiers are actually reacting to incoming mortar rounds. The photo is striking to me because you can see the distress and the urgency of the situation.

Because my blog is a politically focused one, I can use photos to express the actions being taken. What I mean by this, is I can include photos of people protesting for the DACA. Additionally, I could include photos of those affected by Trump’s decision in order to illustrate the effects of the situation. The photos would be a useful tool for making my blog appeal to pathos more. In my blog, I often utilize logos because of the logic behind the decision, but I believe adding pathos would make it more moving. I could also utilize videos possibly depicting real stories of those affected by the DACA. I believe that their testimonies would make the issue seem more real for those unaffected by it. Photos and videos are an amazing platform available that I plan to utilize more in my blog.

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