The Essence of Dance Part 1

Have you ever been liberated by dance in a way that does not just free you from your surroundings, but creates oneness between your mind, body, and soul? I believe that dance has the power to make us feel that way. To feel free, yet complete. Dancing is one of the oldest forms of art and although it has not always been deemed as an art, in today’s day and age, that seems to be the best way to describe it. Dance ranges from just a simple bob of the head to an intricate series of steps involving facial expressions and complex movements of the arms and legs, but regardless of the how complicated it may or may not be, we feel a sense of enjoyment in the process. While I believe that dancing may not come easily to every one, anyone can dance and thus, dancers create unity among not only those around them, but also those around the world.

Dance has been used as a therapeutic process for individuals since the beginning of time, and it is still used as a method of obtaining internal peace. It has been around since the earliest records were taken with styles ranging from the Rain Dance performed by Native Americans to the Indian classical dance styles of South India performed to entertain authority and praise God. The grace involved with dance allows us to relieve ourselves from the stress around us so we can focus on the process of letting go. Dancing allows us to let go of the reality around us and transcend into a world of our own, away from the hardships and struggles involved with everyday life. While some dance styles require discipline and stiff movements to depict precision, others require flow and softer movements to help us connect with our emotions. Dancing for me, just like for many others, serves as an outlet of expression through which we can forget about the rest of the world and move to our happy place, a place where “Hakuna Matata” is genuinely the most accurate adage to describe it. Dancing is a passion through which people with even the greatest differences can unite.

A dance can tell a story without words. We create stories with our expressions and intricate gestures. I have been trained in dance for the past thirteen years, and not until recently did I realize that if it were not for this art form, I would not have been even half the person I am today. Dancing has shaped me to be a stronger, more disciplined individual with the ability to face challenges and overcome them gracefully. While dance has so many physical advantages, the perks extend internally as well. Mentally, dancers have the ability to stay concentrated on the task at hand and our creativity allows us to view the world differently. Ultimately, dance has numerous benefits, but most importantly it is the essence of dance that allows us to liberate ourselves and unite our passions for this beautiful art form.


4 thoughts on “The Essence of Dance Part 1

  1. svb5739 Post author

    I think that dancing can be fun just because it gives you the ability to be yourself so even if people are not trained in dance and society deems them as inadequate on the dance floor, it can still be super fun as you can liberate yourself and free your mind from the stresses of everyday life. Aww, I think we all have those embarrassing moments at one point or another, but getting out of our comfort zone is essential to grow as a person. Plus, dance is a form of expression and the interpretation of the music is all up to the individual so the next time you get a chance, I definitely recommend you to try and dance in public so you can see just how fun dancing can be even with other people around 🙂

  2. svb5739 Post author

    I learn an Indian classical dance style called Bharatnatyam and I’ve been taking classes for the past thirteen years. 🙂

  3. sbm5453

    What do you think will the fun part of dancing for people who cannot dance well? I feel like back in the day, I was afraid of dancing in front of people for fear of embarrassing myself in front of the crowd.

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