Influence of Music on Dance

Influence of Music on Dance

Have you ever heard a song on the radio and just felt the sudden urge to get up and dance? I have that feeling more often than not and just recently realized the impact music has on dance, as it would not even exist if it were not for the music that goes along with it. Dance needs music to set the mood, drop the beat, and create the motivation needed to start moving. Music has that ability to make us feel a certain way, which is why it plays such an immense role in dance. Different styles of music create various types of beats, which all correspond to a specific dance style. While some dances can be performed to any kind of music, there is always a typical genre that it matches with. For example, slower tunes would be utilized when performing dance styles such as the waltz, lyrical, or ballet, while fast, upbeat songs would be used for hip-hop, tap dancing, or the salsa. Although it can be argued otherwise, the traditional version of each of these dance styles respectively corresponds to either slow or fast music.

It is often hard to realize the importance of music in everyday life, however music plays a very integral role in daily activities. Most people usually listen to music when working out, driving, or sometimes even while working on assignments as it creates a fun and lively atmosphere in everything that we do. Music sets the mood and is often in line with our emotions as we all can recognize its role in the theatrics of movies, musicals, and dramas. A relatable instance of the way music affects us all would be in terms of productivity level as we blog every Thursday during class. Our fingers naturally type faster as the beats increase in speed when we listen to the instrumental music in the background. Even though it may seem like an insignificant background noise, it plays a much bigger role on our productivity than expected. Similarly, the beats in music give off a vibe that transcends into the movement of the body without it ever giving off a striking epiphany of the strong impact that it can have.

Furthermore, the lyrics of a song can be portrayed through dance just further enhancing the relationship they share. A song in itself can evoke so many emotions through its lyrics, but when combined with dance the impact it leaves can last a lifetime. There have been many such instances where I have seen dances that I will remember for the rest of my life and the most important reason why is because of the music choice. When dramatic music is conjoined with intricate movement, the aesthetic qualities and awe inspiring way it is depicted is one of the best things I have had the privilege to watch. The movements go in sync with the speed of the music and the melody combined with the footwork can definitely be classified as a work of art.

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  1. acw5416

    Everything you said is so true! Music is what makes dance so great and passionate and I can tell you completely believe this. A good, upbeat song always makes me want to dance.

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