Paper and poster awards announced

Best paper:
Electrocortical Evidence for Long-term Incidental Spatial Learning through Modified Navigation Instructions
Anna Wunderlich and Klaus Gramann

Best poster:
An auditory display for representing two-dimensional space
Holger Schultheis and Tim Ziemer

Honorable mention posters:
Cognitive and motivational changes in adolescents’ spatial thinking: effects of the geospatial semester
Bob Kolvoord, Emily Grossnickle Peterson, David Uttal and Adam Green

Age‐related preference for geometric cues during real‐world navigation: behavioral and neuroimaging correlates
Marcia Bécu, Guillaume Tatur, Denis Sheynikhovich, Stephen Ramanoel, Catherine Agathos and Angelo Arleo

Do age differences affect performance in 2D sketching based on a first‐person perspective (3D) route learning task in differently‐designed virtual environments?
Ismini Eleni Lokka and Arzu Çöltekin

Towards a Machine Learning Framework in Spatial Analysis
Cecilia Ferrando

MapRecorder: Analyzing Real World Usage of Mobile Map Applications
Gian‐Luca Savino, Miriam Sturdee, Simon Runde, Christine Lohmeier, Brent Hecht and Johannes Schöning
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