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Some browsers might show an error message upon submission.  If so, click the submit button a second time.  If you continue to experience difficulty, email the submission information to the Program Chair, Mary Villeponteaux, at  She will complete the entry.

This year, the form asks for one abstract of 350 or fewer words, instead of one brief and one lengthier abstract.  Do keep with those limits, but note that the abstract will send regardless of length.

Complete the fields below. Please do not use special characters (such as italics, underline, bold, or accent marks). After completing the form, you will receive a confirmation message at the top of this page.  You should also receive a confirmation email.  The Program Chair will relay the status of your application in early January.  Thank you for your interest in SCRC 2020!

Submission Portal
Provide a biographical blurb that includes teaching status or history, major publications, awards, and research interests. Do not exceed 100 words. Panel chairs will have access to this information to introduce you. Please do not use special characters.
Submit paper either to one of the affiliate societies or to the general pool of panels. Andrew Marvell Society: papers relating to the writings of Andrew Marvell or their informing contexts. Queen Elizabeth I Society: work on history, literature, art, queenship, or other topics related to Elizabeth I and her reign. Society for Renaissance Art History: papers on the visual arts. PLEASE NOTE: mark "General Panels" if submitting an abstract for a Shakespeare or early modern drama paper.
Please do not use special characters.
Please do not exceed 350 words. Please do not use special characters.

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