At its meeting at the SCWH conference in Pittsburgh, the SCWH Board established the Outreach and Membership Committee as a regular committee of the Society (it previously functioned as an ad hoc committee).  Megan Kate Nelson and Maggie Yancey have cycled off the committee, although Jim Marten (Marquette) continues as chair, Megan Bever (Missouri Southern State University) continues to represent the Early Career group, and Ashley Whitehead Luskey (Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College) continues to represent public historians and other professionals outside of academia. New member Cecily Zander (Penn State) represents the Graduate Connections group, and new member Hilary Green (Alabama) is an at-large member.

As you already know, the Committee recommended—and the Advisory Board unanimously agreed—that the Society adopt the SHA’s policy on sexual harassment.

In addition, the committee has been charged with several projects.

  1. Implementing a new program of encouraging early career scholars by providing financial support for at least one panel at the American Historical Association conference in 2020. The Society would use its status as an affiliated society to ensure that a panel proposed by SCWH members appears on the AHA program and would provide travel support for members of that panel.  A formal call for proposals will be issued in the fall.
  1. The future of the newsletter.  As many of you know, Anne Bailey has stepped down as editor, and it is unlikely that the funding that has made the newsletter possible will continue. The board would like to know what features of the newsletter should be preserved, what new features might be added, and in what format those features should appear.  Please click take a short survey about the newsletter (please complete by September 1).
    1. Opportunities for member participation.  Nina Silber, our new president, has asked the committee to create a database of volunteers for the various activities and committees that the Society sponsors.  If you’re interested in participating, please emailjames.marten@marquette.eduby September 1 with the following information:
    2. a.) The work that most interests you: the Advisory Board, the Conference Program Committee; the Outreach Committee; the graduate student paper prize committee; the Tom Watson Brown Book Prize Committee; the website and social media.

      b.) A 2-3 sentence biographical statement that includes your current position, your research interests, and your past professional service (for the SCWH or other organizations).

      If you have other ideas or questions for the Outreach and Membership Committee, don’t hesitate to contact Jim Marten or any of the other members.


      The SCWH Outreach and Membership Committee

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