YOU Choose!

I have greatly enjoyed my time blogging about some of my favorite games to play, truly hoping that my posts have made readers interested in trying them for themselves. Today, however, I am flipping the script a bit: instead of me suggesting games to my fans, I want you guys, the viewers, to help me pick the next game I’ll play!

I am a passionate gamer, but of course, I do not have the ability to play everything at once, especially when one mixes the ever-busy life of college into the equation. This means that I can only stick to very few games at a time. As such, what follows will be a brief overview of several games that I either need to buy, or already own but have not had time to play.

I would like readers to view my description each game and leave a comment down below to recommend what they think is the best one. The person who comments with the most compelling argument will “win”, and I will tackle the game they suggested, eventually creating a post about it. Be sure to check out all of the games below, and happy commenting!

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The Shovel Knight DLC Campaigns: 

An indie-developed throwback to various games on the original, 8-bit Nintendo, Shovel Knight has recently received free downloadable content. I played the base game some time ago, and absolutely adored the game’s “very challenging, but very fair” approach. While what I played starred the titular protagonist, the new DLCs are brand new adventures in which gamers play as some of the boss characters, who have their own distinct abilities to traverse through levels.


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A Hat in Time:

Whereas Shovel Knight is an indie throwback to sidescrollers on the NES, this game is an indie throwback to the early 3D platformers of the Nintendo 64 and GameCube era. From what I have heard, this game has been praised for its cute, charming aesthetic, solid controls, and even its humor.


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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle:

A lot of people thought that a game like this would absolutely bomb; a crossover between these two franchises simply came off as forced to them. However, it became a sleeper hit, and currently has an average review score of 85 on Metacritic. People have stated that, despite featuring the rather infamous Rabbids, the game is a clever new take on the strategy genre, a genre which I have rarely dabbled in, but am interested in.


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Splatoon 2:

Much like Overwatch, which I recently discussed, Splatoon 2 is a more lighthearted take on the shooter with a creative concept to boot. Players play as “inkling” children who use super soakers to shoot colored ink. Inklings also have the ability to transform into squids at will, and quickly swim through their team’s ink color undetected. A team wins if their ink color covers more territory than the other’s does.


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Dragon Ball FighterZ:

Yes, what you are seeing above is an image from this game, NOT the anime from which it is based upon! I’ll admit, I have never seen Dragon Ball Z, but I was nevertheless in awe when I saw the trailers for this game. It has just been released, and it has been critically acclaimed not only for looking flashy and stylized, but also being a great fighting game in general.