August 24

RCL #1: My “Version of Happiness”

Despite the many trials and tribulations that Lynsey Addario has gone through during her career, she continues to live as a proud and passionate war journalist. Standing one’s ground and not abandoning one’s interest in the face of adversity is a trait I wholeheartedly respect, and while my passions have never led me into the life-threatening situations akin to those experienced by Addario, I feel I can still relate to her message about there existing different “versions” of happiness subjective to each individual.

While many of my peers seem to enjoy perpetual, nonstop socialization with others, I will own up to being rather introverted myself. Although I enjoy the occasional get-together, I admittedly find more comfort in being on my own studying or playing video games. Even the most mundane of solitary activities, such as awkwardly fidgeting or humming a song, can grant me a satisfaction that, for some strange reason, social interaction cannot quite replicate. As such, I have considered creating a passion blog describing the thoughts and emotions that go through my mind when around others versus when I am alone, in hopes that readers can better understand the mind of an introvert like myself.

Image result for Introvert

As I stated earlier, I enjoy playing video games in my “alone time”. While this can be seen as a solid conversation-starter when I talk with friends, the problem lies in that the games I tend to lean towards are usually seen as more “childish” compared to the gritty shooters people my age typically play. Nowadays, many great games are underappreciated by many for not being “cool enough”, and I would like to potentially mend this through a passion blog promoting such classics featuring the characters below.

Image result for video game mascots

True, my interests may seem odd to some, but they are my “version of happiness”, and I will stick with them regardless of what others might think. If Lynsey Addario can remain passionate about her journalism after being kidnapped, then it would be absolutely cowardly of me to fear¬†expressing my interests loudly and proudly!