October 6

RCL #6: Conflicts of Interest

Throughout her memoir, Lynsey Addario speaks of several brief relationships, all of which ultimately fail due to her intense work and travel schedule. Despite her repeated lack of success, Addario remained stuck in this cycle. She describes it best in the eighth chapter; when reminiscing on her fling with an Iranian actor, the author makes it clear that she “wasn’t in love with him, and I was consumed by my work as always. But some part of me still enjoyed these passionate love affairs I knew would never last.”

Not only does Addario succeed in summarizing the conflict between her professional and personal life as concisely as possible, but she also words it in a way that her audience (including myself) can relate to. As contributing members of a civil society, we are oftentimes split between fulfilling our duties (such as school or work) and satisfying our passions, and despite enjoying the pursuit of the latter, we will always feel the weight of the former holding us back. In the author’s case, while she found legitimate enjoyment in her dating life, she was still aware that her demanding career as a photojournalist would make this difficult. As for me, I love to play video games, but time for such an activity is now extremely scarce given my rigorous college workload.

A silver lining to the “duty vs. passion” conflict us human beings experience is that the two can work in harmony if the conditions are right. Addario, for instance, found this in her future husband, Paul, who was just as dedicated to his career in journalism as her. I myself experienced an overlap between my responsibilities and preferred activities when I decided to theme my passion blog around gaming; this way, I would have to do what I like in order to succeed in my English class! While we all have obligations to fulfill, finding a way to intertwine it with our passions can enrich our experiences in both.

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