October 26

RCL #9: TED Talk Rough Draft

  1. Briefly go over Reagan paradigm shift
    1. Emphasis on low taxes, deregulation
    2. Nation generally shifted to right economically
    3. Deregulation also meant free trade/globalization
  2. Recent backlash to economic consensus
    1. Economic meltdown of 2008
    2. Increasing income inequality
    3. Jobs being outsourced to other countries
  3. Rise of populist candidates
    1. Is happening on both left and right
    2. Bernie Sanders, democratic socialism, popularity with millenials
    3. Donald Trump, differs from many GOP members on free trade policies
    4. Similar situation in Europe right now
  4. Possible NEW paradigm shift
    1. Discuss “horseshoe” political spectrum theory; how it differs from traditional political compass
    2. Both parties may end up moving far left and far right
    3. However, “extreme” ends may have more in common than more “centrist” versions of left/right
    4. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump both want to regulate trade, for examole
    5. “Horseshoe Theory” may become the future political compass

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