This is the course website for PSU SETI 2018, the first instance of a graduate course in SETI as part of the Penn State astrobiology PhD curriculum.  It is open to any graduate student at Penn State, but especially those in fields allied with astrobiology.

This course offers an overview of SETI as a subfield of astrobiology. The syllabus is here. It includes a survey of background astronomy and radio engineering concepts, and a broad conception of SETI as all aspects of science that help us understand better the existence and nature of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.

The blog is a record of students’ reactions to the papers read for the course, which will evolve over the course of the semester. This page is intended to become a permanent repository for the work done in this class in this and future instances. You can also find tweet-lengthed student reactions to the papers we read here.

Students should refer to the Canvas page for class details.