A picture is worth one thousand words

uncle_samImage Source: Five Red Dice

Today I will be doing a visual analysis for this picture of Uncle Sam. When first glancing at this image, instead of seeing a man, I see the United States of America. I feel like Uncle Sam is trying to convey the message of scoldingĀ his citizens for not already joining the military. Although I probably should not, I can’t help but feel bad when looking at this image. I almost get the feeling that I am letting my country down.

This simple image is so effective at conveying this message to me because of the styling and format. The entirety of the image is the colors of the American flag, andĀ the only different color is Uncle Sam’s skin. The colors are what presents this man as America, and they do a very good job of it. Another thing that draws in the viewers attention is the simplicity of the image. It is centered with a simple white back round, and it prevents losing the viewers attention because of clutter. Finally, the point of the image is presented in Uncle Sam’s pointed finger and stern face. The finger addresses the viewer directly, and the face gives the viewer a sense of being called upon. This is one of the most famous propaganda images of all time. It gained it’s fame because of the potency of the image and point it is trying to make. Even without a single word on it, this image immensely persuasive in trying to get the viewer to join the U.S. military.



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  1. Richard William Gilligan says:

    I agree in a way that the image is trying to get you to join the military but I feel it actually carries a deeper meaning with it. I feel like at its core it is asking you what you are doing for your country, most of the time that question is answer through the military but no always. The colors do speak to the US entirely, they are dark, rich shades of each color and the stern face he has shows the implied importance. Pretty funny that the idea for Uncle Sam comes from a meat packer.

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