Riding a new way

Breckenridge winter season 2005-06

Image Source: The Flight Deal

In the winter of my 11th grade year, I went snowboarding every free day that I had. My friends and I had season passes to a ski resort that was local. Day after day we rode the mountain but quickly tired of riding the same slopes over and over again. One day in particular we brought along a friend that had never snowboarded before. It was a very difficult day because he was very bad and would constantly fall. We were riding the longest slope at that resort when Rob, the beginner, flew past us and landed in a bank of snow. Though funny, it was scary. We stopped where he was laying and helped him gain composure and recover from the fall.

Stephen, my other friend with me, felt bad and wanted to make the day better for him. He pitched a funny idea to us. He wanted to sit on our snowboards and ride them like sleds. Rob liked the idea so I went along with it. It turned out to be one of the most fun days I have had while snowboarding. The slopes are so long and steep, and riding so close to the ground felt like I was going a thousand miles per hour! Definitely a fun day.











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