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When I first started to read the news, I read it from my local newspaper. As I got older, I found myself reading news from electronic sources more and more. It is easier and more efficient to read news electronically. I believe that there is also a huge benefit to electronically receiving your news. The benefit is that when news is read from a local newspaper, the stories read are from the words of the same people week after week. Those particular people have their own biases and opinions towards things, and the articles written by them reflect that more often than not. When news is received at a computer, it is likely from a specialized news application or website. Those applications and websites gather news from a wide variety of sources and authors. Something that I do with news I find very interesting is I read the same story from different authors. This gives me a broader picture of the situation while helping me to eliminate the biases. Another benefit to reading news electronically is the ability to view comments on the articles. Comments give you a general idea about people’s thought on particular subjects, and may even give you information that is key to a story, but wasn’t mentioned in the article. This is why I read my news electronically. It helps to paint a broader picture of the stories.

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  1. Andrew Hoy says:

    I agree, I believe that there are huge benefits to gathering the news online, which I do for the large part of my news gathering. However, I do read the WSJ and the local newspaper whenever I’m home simply because they are delivered to my house. There is one benefit that I have in reading a paper instead of looking on the internet. The newspaper draws my attention to things that I normally wouldn’t see. I find that when I get my news online, I have specific subjects that I look for, and in return I only get news from those subjects. The newspaper covers a much broader spectrum of subjects and I find myself reading articles that I never would have thought I’d be reading. The local newspaper just gives me insight to a lot of stuff that may be going on in my area that I had no idea about.

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