The Gigafactory

tesla-model-s-sunset-628-1354200468Image Source: green.autoblog

In recent news, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk announced his plan to build a battery gigafactory. This is very exciting news. The Tesla model S pictured above was voted the 2013 car of the year. It is elegant, fast, innovative, and 100 percent electric. There is no grease, no gas, a range of 300 miles per charge, and a fronk (trunk where the combustion engine would be in a traditional automobile.) The only issue with the car is the $98,000-$110,000 price tag that the car carries. Musk’s recent announcement of the Gigafactory could change that. The plant is said to be producing the volume of lithium-ion batteries that was produced worldwide in 2013 by 2017. The specialization of the plant on batteries is also said to be able to wind the li-ion batteries up to 30% more efficiently meaning 30% more power output. The greatest thing about the plant is that it will cut down the price of the lithium ion batteries tremendously, in turn cutting the price of the Tesla. Elon musk plans to have a Telsa on the road that is half the cost of the model S by 2017.

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