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Spring is finally here! Spring to me is kind of a bitter-sweet season (more sweet than bitter). The bitterness to the warmth, flowers, and sun is the inevitable melting of the snow. Snowboarding season is nearly over now and it’s slightly depressing.

One positive aspect to the melting snow is the brief two or three week period of slushy fluffy snow. It is a dream to snowboard on it. The snow leaves a wake behind you and falling doesn’t hurt nearly as much. In spite of these amazing conditions, my friend Addison fell and broke his arm over break. While he was riding (dangerously) off of the path, the snow gave way to patches of dirty. Addison’s snowboard got stuck in a patch of dirt and flying forward Addison went. ┬áThe moral of the story: don’t ride off of the path!






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  1. Varumporn Pimsen says:

    Finally, it is time to officially say good bye to the white and fluffy snow we routinely walked on for several months. I agree with you that the melting of snow is a bit depressing. However, the initial sunlight of spring is coming and it’s really worth it. If the weather is a little warmer and less windy, I bet it will be amazing to enjoy the sunshine, the sign of beginning.

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