The missing plane



Image source: CBS news

As I am sure that everyone is well aware of, a recent flight went missing mid-flight. This is both tragic and unbelievable. I believe the way this news was handled was extremely disrespectful to the missing passengers. News of this sort deserved a solemn story that showed respects to the lost people on board. Instead of reporting in that manner, the media blew this story sky high.

For every advancement, or “lead,” in the case of the missing plane, the media made a huge ordeal, reporting in the same manner that they would present a blockbuster movie. They made it feel like the chase to hunt down this plane was exciting. The media even went so far as to report on crazy theories of what could have possibly happened to it. The most recent update on the story seems to be the most logical and tragic outcome. A piece of debris was spotted by satellite imagery meaning the plane likely combusted mid-flight. I hope the media can learn from this case about how to be respectful while reporting certain events.

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  1. Nicole Franks says:

    I completely agree with this, but I don’t think it’s realistic that the media will ever change. They’re all dirty and solely concerned with making news and reports more “entertaining.” This was such a tragic incident, I like to hold a little hope for a more positive outcome, but the more time that elapses, the worse those chances get unfortunately.

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