Recently, a major internet security flaw was uncovered. The flaw can potentially leave usernames, passwords, and personal information open to anyone with the knowledge to exploit the flaw. Basically, the flaw is a poor coding job. An error between the communication of one computer with another. What happens is when one computer requests information from another (a.k.a. loading a website, page, or paying for an item), The requesting computer dumps information that it is storing and considers “useless” on to the other computer. Usually this information would be deleted in the process of transfer, but a simple error in the coding caused this information to be left on the temporary memory of the second computer.lead_large

People with a basic knowledge of coding could easily find this and sift through the information. Sifting, is the positive side to this issue. Instead of this being an information “goldmine” for hackers, it is more like looking for gold in a dumpster because the username and password are a very small part of what the computer sends and considers junk. This could have been a lot worse, but for precautionary sake, change your passwords.

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