Making a board

In the early days of snowboarding, people would carve a piece of wood from a tree trunk and attach a rope to it. The first modern-like snowboard came from an adventurous father welding two skis together and attaching ropes to hold boots in. This mans daughter started to ride this contraption often and her father ended up making all of her friends similar things. This caught on and there started to be competitions with these new snow boards. After trying one of these boards out, a young surfer had an idea to try and design a similar board that felt like a skateboard. He designed and mass-produced the first actual snowboard.

Ski companies began to take notice to the massive spike in demand for a snowboard, so they sent their lab workers out to design a better snowboard. A sturdy board with binding was born. Snowboarding was catching up to skiing in popularity, so more and more companies were working on better designs. Rocker and Camber were discovered. Camber is curved with a bend down, like an upside-down bowl, and rocker is curved like a cup. Rocker and camber began to be used together to create better boards, and new materials were used. The modern snowboard was bornsnowboard-camber-rocker1

Source: liftopia

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  1. Kenny Laufer says:

    I have always found the history and evolution of everyday items really fascinating. Designs change, but, most of the time, the integrity and purpose of the original product is there. A snowboard will always be a snowboard, but someday it’s whole structure could be different from what we see today. And this can apply to most any thing. Really cool blog!

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