Who Run The World (Girls) Analysis

In class we are talking about Gender roles in the business world. In the video it shows war between women and men. War is a sign of masculinity.In this song “Who Runs The World (Girls)” Beyonce talks about women empowerment. In this video Beyonce portrays a feminine appearance but also shows masculine in personality as she states ” Girls we run this mother”. To indicate women run the world.Showing that women have power. In the song she states ” “My persuasion can build a nation.Endless power our love we  can devour. You’ll do anything for me.” Power is normally known as a masculine trait. But then she talks about women being able to have children and go right back to work when she says “strong enough to bear the children then get back to bidness”. That shows the utmost power and strength to me. Not only can woman do a man’s job we can also have our jobs as women to raise and provide for our families.

In this song she also shows the cutthroat ambition business women. When she states “I’m reping for the girls that’s Taking over the world Help me raise a glass for the college grads.” and “I work my nine to five, better cut my check! This goes out to all the women Getting it in you on your grind” and “This goes out to all my girls That’s in the club rocking the latest”. She is talking about how business women are dedicated and work hard to get what they want and how they care about their appearance.

Business Women also have to have masculine traits such as interruption and directness in this song Beyonce demands respect and is very straight forward about what she expects. If you listen to the song she states “Disrespect us, no they won’t.Boy, don’t even try to touch me.”, “To other men that respect What I do please accept my shine.” and “Boy you know you love it How we smart enough to make these millions.” In the business world if a woman is making more than a man they kinda feel shut down and get jealous of the woman. This is what she is talking about making millions and how men have to respect and accept her hustle.I think this is a great woman empowerment song. It shows that woman can play both roles and that they work very hard to get what they want.