Bobby Fischer and Pawn Sacrifice

The movie Pawn Sacrifice is likely to spur a new interest in chess, and it is likely spark questions about if delving too deeply into the world of chess is it likely to drive others to the same level of madness that it drove Bobby Fischer? The movie also attempts to delve into the culture importance of the game to the Russians, and for a brief time the importance of the game to the world. The movie depicts the struggles Bobby Fischer and others ran into when trying to compete against the Russians in the game that is such a big part of their national pride. In Chess the only piece that matters is the king and everything about the game revolves around protecting your king and attacking your opponent. A player gives no concern for sacrificing piece for the sake of his game plan, The Russian communist state gives no concern for individual people of the state for the sake of the overall country. In Chess and Politics, people are left to struggle with all the potential moves while fully considering the negative side of each move. Russians wanted to be the best and America wanted to beat them, whether it was the Olympics, a race to put a man on the moon, or anything. For a very long time Russians did not want to be the best in chess because Russian masters were dominating the chess world, and extremely proud of it. With the extreme rivalry between the U.S. and Russia and the emergence of a Brooklyn chess prodigy Bobby Fischer, the whole country became huge chess fans in support of this guy from Brooklyn against the whole Soviet Union. Bobby Fischer was an extremely eccentric individual. The extreme media attention and high pressure did not go well with his personality. Bobby did beat the Russians, became the world number one, but soon entered a spiral down and went legitimately crazy. Interestingly,there is actually a pretty long history of chess geniuses going crazy, but my opinion is Chess does not drive a person crazy, but it is the type of game that a crazy person can be driven to enjoy. You have to be crazy to spend the amount of time you need looking at a board game to master it, and you need to be crazy if you want to understand the vastness of chess. Bobby Fischer, a Jewish kid from New York, was not ready for the metal strain and pressure that would come with being a world chess icon and he ended up losing sight of who he is. This story of Bobby is amazingly interesting and I really suggest going to see the movie Pawn sacrifice or looking up a documentary on bobby when you get a chance.

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