The Importance of Chess. try it!

Chess has history, huge support, and a deep Impact of current culture. A love of chess spans across the world and across generations, Chess is in a way a language that can bring people together and give people a universal skill to become closer by playing and learning. I maintain communication with my dad, have made friends and even become close with a teacher because I enjoyed playing chess with that person. Chess is such a positive in my life and can be a positive in any person’s life. It’s not too late to learn and unlike when I spend time binge watching a series on Netflix or when I spend way too much time playing an app or video game I know I’m never wasting time playing chess and its making me a better and sharper person. When two people play a game of chess each player no matter the outcome becomes better and pushes the other person. You need to visualize predict and execute the strategy that you believe will fit against your opponent but maintain a dynamic open mind because you know the competitor has his or her own plan to beat you. If you win then your plan worked and you have learned and gotten better from the game and the opposite losing allows you to learn and grow even more. After a blow out or close loss it stays with you, I think about… I need to defend better, I put my king in danger, I moved pieces with no purpose, I can’t just focus on material so much(getting your opponents pieces), I can’t believe I fell for a sneak attack, etc. Every time I lose I see a new flaw in my game and work on it. More than studying more than watching videos but playing someone better than you is the best way to improve your chess game. I have gotten frustrated but with chess I never give up because the more you play the better you get. This is very apparent in chess because I can mentally think about the lessons I’m learning when I lose and see the results as I have slowly begun to hold my own and now beat my dad in some games, but in other aspects of life the results sometimes cannot be seen and losing hurts much more than a living room game of chess. I have been deterred from school, relationships, athletics, and many other aspects of life from a failure. Failure hurts but with chess I slow down and think about the positives and know that I am learning. It shows things I need to work on and with this understanding I have become a better and happier person. I love chess and I am an extreme advocate for the positives it can bring to a person’s life. Instead of playing angry birds for 12 hours straight, why not try chess! If you have an open mind, anyone can learn to love it.

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