Paper 1 Outline

So I decided to go with the Anchorman 2 Dodge Durango commercial.

I think I’ll mainly by focusing on Ron Burgundy’s ethos and what his character brings to the party.

Also the logical connection we can make between the car and the dancers. Despite the fact that Ron chases them off.

The concept that the car is far superior to the dancers because of the whole way the commercial plays out.

That’s all I can think of for now…

2 thoughts on “Paper 1 Outline

  1. I like the choice of commercial. Ron Burgundy is definitely a good ethos for the commercial; most people know who he is and like his character. That’s an interesting observation to make, the car being better than the dancers, it’s a good point to make!

  2. I think you picked a good topic and advertisement to focus on! The commercial gives you a lot of different things to write about. Ethos is definitely going to be your strongest persuasion technique. Maybe you can talk about what makes this commercial different than an ad for a different car or why this car is going to seem more appealing than another.

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