Letter of Intro Portfolio 1 Draft

Paper one was a fun paper to write. I dealt with the rhetoric strategies involved in the Dodge/Anchorman commercial. It was a fun little work of parody on other car commercials but the most interesting thing about the commercial was the many nuanced layers of irony involved. This was mainly due to the character of Ron Burgundy in the commercial. It was a very complex reasoning.

Paper two was a really enjoyable one. I analyzed the debate that Billy Nye (of the Science Guy fame) had with Creationism Museum president Ken Ham. The debate was a wildly popular story because everyone absolutely loves Bill Nye. Not only was it fun to read about this debate but reading it from two different sources was also quite interesting.

As a writer, I feel like I have grown much more comfortable in my writing style. In high school, all we ever wrote were five paragraph essays on whatever book we were reading. It was very hard to make it interesting because there were set rules in place and it was hard to incorporate humor into my writing–which I’m very fond of doing. I think that maybe it has come from the blogs because I have a much more conversational style of writing and my topic of choice is one that I really enjoy writing about. It also lends itself to be more humor-oriented. I’m just really loving the blogging.

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  1. I think you gave good overviews of each of your papers, as well as a good explanation to how you’ve grown as a writer. I would, however, change the first sentences of the first two paragraphs as it is repetitive and slightly boring to just say that each paper was fun to write.

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